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Get Larger Orders

PayCafé users place larger and more frequent orders so they can pick up a coffee for everyone in the office.

No More Queues

Slash waiting time by having orders ready exactly when your customers want them. No more stress at peak times!

Put your Café on the map

Be relevant in an app-centric world and appeal to tech-savvy customers. It’s a no brainer.

Call Them Loyal

Get all the benefits of a loyalty card without the annoying stamps! PayCafé has a built in loyalty card to promote frequent orders and help you get to know your customers.

Pre-paid Orders

Customers can top up their PayCafé account with pre-paid credit. This means they’ll keep coming back to use it, rather than visiting your competitors.

No bulky equipment

PayCafé works with a normal, everyday EFTPOS terminal so there’s no need to purchase expensive & cluttersome hardware. Score!

More benefits? You betcha!

Revolutionising the hospitality industry

Our dedicated team has spent countless hours honing how PayCafé works for businesses, and we are proud of the benefits it has delivered to our customers so far. We understand how your business ticks, and the issues you face daily trying to attract new customers and maintain loyalty. PayCafé is the fix you’ve been looking for!
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What People Are Saying About PayCafé

Customers are really taking advantage of the app to order for their whole offices. We're seeing orders of 5, 10 coffees at a time! Now that's something we've never seen before.
Mike Atkinson
The easy online café management system allows us to change around our products every few days to keep things fresh! Customers love using the system, and we see new sign-ups every day.
Michelle Turner
Thanks to Pay Café, I now have a great outlet for sending special offers and rewards to my customers. I can keep our loyal customers happy while bringing in repeat business.
Ian Nguyen

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